This is the official Deafhood website, based on the book “Understanding Deaf Culture : In Search of Deafhood ” by Dr. Paddy Ladd.

The site contains a huge amount of information about Deafhood, presented in plain English with some use of BSL and International Sign. It will also contain discussion forums for many aspects of Deafhood. 28 subjects are already prepared !

We are seeking moderators for these forums and cannot launch the website until we have enough people. Moderators will only be asked to observe forums for rude or abusive language, and will not be compelled to defend or explain Deafhood to anyone posting.

If you would be interested in joining the moderator team, please email:

UPDATE : We have just found out that the previous emailing address was not working due to a technical fault. If you have already emailed us, please accept our apologies and email again. Thank you !